Support and FAQ


Why does Olé use Unbleached Flour instead of Bleached Flour?
Bleached Flour is further processed which removes valuable vitamins and minerals from the flour. That’s why Olé uses only Unbleached Flour in our tortillas.
Does La Banderita have Whole Grain Tortillas?
La Banderita Whole Wheat Tortillas are 65% Whole Grain Wheat. All our corn products are Whole Grain. Contact your broker or Olé Regional Sales Manager for more information on our K-12 offerings.
Which Corn Tortilla Should I use?
That depends on what you are going to use it for. We make both corn tortillas for frying and for table use. Frying Corn (hard shell tacos, chips, tostadas) are listed on the website as Frying Corn. We also make tortillas for table use (soft tacos, enchiladas, etc.), which are listed as Table Corn (Soft).
What is Corn Flour, and what is the difference between Corn Flour and Nixtamal “Cooked Corn Process”?
Corn Flour is the ingredient that Olé buys which is processed corn made into corn flour similar to wheat flour. We add water, lime and a few other ingredients to make the industry standard Corn Tortillas and Chips.
Nixtamalización is a modern word for an ancient technique used by the Aztecs. It describes the process of taking Whole Kernel Corn, cooking, steeping, washing and milling it down into a “Cooked Corn” masa dough. This provides for a more robust Corn flavor that is often preferred for chips.
Olé provides both options where some suppliers provide only one format for operators to choose from.
Can I fry Unfried Chips the day before or morning of … before the restaurant gets busy?
Yes, La Banderita Unfried Chips may be fried ahead of time. Simply fry and season to taste. After product has cooled, store in a food grade bin until needed. Heat prior to serving, if desired.
Are La Banderita Tortillas Trans Fat Free?
La Banderita does not use any Hydrogenated Oils whatsoever in our Tortillas, thus all Ole tortillas are Trans Fat Free.
Are La Banderita Tortillas Gluten Free?
All La Banderita corn products are naturally gluten free.
Are La Banderita Tortillas Kosher?
Most SKU’s are Star K Parve – Kosher. Olé Spec Sheets provide detailed answers.
Are your products Vegan/Vegetarian?
All tortillas produced by Olé Mexican Foods are produced without animal products or any other ingredients sourced from animal by products.
How are La Banderita Tortillas stored?
We recommend that La Banderita tortillas be stored at ambient (shelf stable) temperature. This will result in a more pliable tortilla and prevent sticking.
What is the Shelf Life of La Banderita Tortillas?
Shelf life varies by product. The majority of our shelf life is 69 days from date of manufacture. The expiration date is printed on the outside of the case and on each package.
After you open the package, how long are my tortillas good?
This can depend on how airtight you store them. If completely sealed, the tortillas should stay fresh until the expiration date on the package. Allowing air into the packaging will result in a reduced shelf life.
What does this information printed on the package mean:
BEST BY 02/21/17 - 1-F4 B 0517 1430?
It is the Best By Date of the product. The rest is to identify the plant that made the product, then the production line, production date, and time. All this is for traceability purposes.